1. About the brand

XOXO Beverages: Locally invented auto and customized cocktail mixer


XOXO Beverages is a company that offers cocktail service with their self-developed auto mixer.


Peter and other co-founders went to a cocktail course out of personal interest. When they understood the bar industry more they realised a recurring a problem for them: turnover rate is a recurring challenge esp. junior positions. On the other hand, they hear complaints from friends who are hosting events, such as weddings, that existing cocktail services are often very expensive.

Therefore they decided to tackle the problem by filling the fundamental function of a bar’s operation with a machine, at the same time lower the cost for bar tenders and their customers during events.


As engineers themselves, they designed the machine by ultilizing pumping tubes originally for medical purpose to ensure it can achieve precision in when different portions of alcohol, a swirler to ensure it is mixed evenly, freezer and temperature controller. 

They also developed an app to connect with the machine, so everyone can customize their drinks directly through the app.

Their cost is considerably lowered by 1/3 compared to cocktail renting services outside. Yet, they still require 2 bar tenders to help with the machine.


Their business started to get on track post-Covid, when events are back. They are serving big corporate events, weddings and parties.

  • Project Name

    XOXO Beverages

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founders

    Peter Yau and other co-founders

  • Products

    Auto generated and customized cocktail mixer

Cost Effective

2. About the founders

Peter Yau & other co-founders

Co-founders, product developer and service provider

The Vision

Provide quality and cost-effective cocktail services

Ultilising technology to help improve operations of the cocktail industry.


3. Challenges and opportunity

No events during Covid; balance time between product development and hosting events


Lockdowns were not helping the brand that relies their business on events.

The current mixer is still not their best version. They need time to continue developing and improving their products, but due to resources they reserved their time to run events instead. They need to balance the two.


Post-lock down drove more business for the team. Hopefully, they could expand and divide roles better in the future.

4. Brand Development Timeline

XOXO Beverages founded

Won HKUST’s one million dollar entrepreneurship competition
Hosting more events with big brands such as Mariott, Linkedin etc.

5. The Future

Expand business and Invest more time to develop next version of the mixer