1. About the brand

Veggroom: Home farm that fits into any furniture


Veggroom is a brand that invents household-friendly, vegetable-growing modulars that are soil-free.


Grace is a science graduate with passion in farming, engineering and furniture design. She realised there are no household friendly farming kits out there for her to grow vegetables, esp. in Hong Kong. Even if there is, they have limited variety of plants they can grow, plus good yield takes a lot of effort.


Using her scientific knowledge and passion for interior design, she marry the two and invented a soil-free, versatile, detachable vegetable growing modular set that can be plugged into all corners of a home with an automated farming system, which enable any seeds to grow.

One of the most unique technology for the modular is its soil free system -allowing for a growth speed of up to 5x faster than soil-based methods.


They are going to crowd fund for their latest model – Verda Garden Modular in Kickstarter.

  • Project Name


  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founders

    Grace Ho

  • Products

    Household vegetable growing modular


2. About the founders

Grace Ho

Founder and Product developer

The Vision

Grow your own food anywhere

Veggroom promotes growing your own food by making convenient products for busy citizens and those who are looking for an easy solution to growing safe and healthy vegetables, plus marring green living with home decors.


3. Challenges and opportunity

Insufficient funding leads to product refinement and even more innovation


In 2022, Veggroom launched their first kickstarter campaign. However, they didn’t have sufficient funding to make their first model come to life.


They did not give up. First failure pushed the team even more to invent better models. Eventually, they introduced the 2nd model – Vera Garden Modular with their 2nd launch campaign on Kickstarter very soon.

4. Brand Development Timeline

Veggroom founded

First kickstarter campaign launched

Launching 2nd kickstarter campaign very soon

5. The Future

Successful Kickstarter campaign; sending modular everywhere around the world, including Hong Kong as a base