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Our Philosophy

Authentic, factual and trustworthy

Accurate and up to date

One story at a glance

Readers conscious

How We Work

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Our Strategy

Spread the good words across APAC & beyond

We target the mass who use the web, curious but sometime suspicious, lazy but love to fact-check (Yes, you)

Stories We Proceed

Original brands designed by the person or team and not under the forbidden list below

Mass and niche culture, including products, services, performances, interest groups, workshops, non-profit, consultancy, informative etc.

Clear, transparent, trustful story and background

Clear goals, concept and vision

Stories We Avoid

Brands that are not original

Counterfeits of any sort or goods potentially violating copyrights

Goods that violate copyright laws, including portraits without prior consent (excluding cartoons, film characters, public icons and visuals)

Goods, concepts and brands that are copied from others

Brands solely for advertising purpose

Promotion of restricted and controlled medications, including drugs, anesthetics, steroid

Promotion of medications or prescriptions (with or without license)

Promotion of animal trades including by-products (such as tusks, bear feet)

Promotion of weapons (such as guns, canons, bullets, explosables)

Promotion of harmful goods (such as flammable, explosable, corrosive, poisonous)

Personal information (such as contact database and personal identifications)

Government released identifications, such as license, identity card, passport, items from police or other law enforcement authorities

Brands promoting obscenity and pornography

Brands promoting violence

Brands promoting personal attacks and discriminations

Brands with messages of discrimination towards a certain race, religion, gender, disability and promulgating violence

Brands that violate public order, ethical customs, or banned from selling and promoting by law