1. About the brand

Snaildy: Revolutionise how Special Educational Needs (SEN) children learn


Snaildy is an online learning support portal that serves as a data resource centre to record learning progress of individual SEN (Special Educational Needs) students in Hong Kong. 


Founders realised teachers in Hong Kong are often overloaded with piles of admin work, letting alone tailoring quality time for different SEN students. Also, there is no official government archival system that allows teacher to track learning process of those students, making handover/review very difficult.


Snaildy has different support systems to catered various needs.

  1. Internal school management system: Organise personal profile of SEN students, including their learning status, past activities attended, consultation records, and can based on such info to customise learning plans
  2. Snaildy x Amazon Web service (AWS) to offer Cloud storage service to schools
  3. Tailor school-wide learning programmes (since they own social workers, NGO and consultants’ network) based on different needs 


They are actively expanding with various school partnerships. In Feb 2023, they became Hong Kong Educational Bureau’s “Business – School Partnership Programme” official partner.

  • Project Name

    Snaildy Education

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founders

    Mr. Law and Mr. Lau

  • Products

    SEN online learning portal and school support service

Community Support

2. About the founders

Mr. Law and Mr. Ho

Founders and Product developers

The Vision

Build a healthy SEN support ecosystem via technology

To ultilise technology to connect SEN students, teachers and frontline educators, so to nurture a SEN friendly learning environment.

Also, they hope to transform traditional schooling systems to become more tech-savvy and lessen teachers’ pressure from all the tedious admin work.

3. Challenges and opportunity

A system unfamiliar to all; funding and constant education


In a traditional schooling setting, they found it difficult to educate schools to adopt technology into their daily work. It requires a lot of trust, trial and stepping out of comfort zones.

They also faced difficulty in crowdfunding at start.


They did not give up. Constantly trials and communication allowed them to have partnership with Amazon, and became the official partner of the Hong Kong government. 

4. Brand Development Timeline

Snaildy Education founded

Official partnership with Amazon to launch school Cloud storage service

Became Hong Kong Educational Bureau’s “Business – School Partnership Programme” official partner.

5. The Future

Public Education, Extend support system, Foster inter school & parental communications

- Develop and launch a parent version of their system

- Host public events like SnailDay in December 2023 to educate public about different types of SENs

- Connect and extend SEN support system from pre-school to employment

- Act as bridge to connect schools for info and experience exchange