1. About the brand

Per.Platform: The Only Live Art Platform in Hong Kong


Per.Platform is the Hong Kong based live/performance art platform established in 2021, and it is the only platform in Hong Kong that catered solely for live artists.

They want to make performance art, which is considered a niche in the contemporary art field, to become much more accessible.

The brand targets audiences and live artists of 16-50 year olds to perform, develop, and exchange ideas.
Through open calls, the brand regularly hosts bi-annual 3 to 4-days festivals in Hong Kong and participants can experiment with any medium they prefer.

They have just successfully held their 3rd festival in collaboration with Tomorrow Maybe in Eaton Hong Kong: “Per.Platform #3 x Tomorrow Maybe: Fluidity and Impermanence” on 22-24th July 2022.
They now actively host performance workshops and planning for their 4th festival in 2023.

  • Project Name


  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founded


  • Founders

    Florence Lam, Juliana Chan

  • Products

    Annual Art performance festivals


2. About the founders

Florence Lam

Creative direction, Live art education
(hosting workshops)

A live artist for 10+years

Performed 80+ shows around Europe including UK, Iceland, Germany, Denmark etc.

Juliana Chan

Administration, management and opportunity sourcing

Pursuing a gallery career

Administration, management and opportunity sourcing

Common Vision

They met each other in a local art show.

Both of them realised their common aspiration to promote live art performance to the public knowing how widely unknown and misunderstood the art form is.

3. Challenges and opportunity

Socio-Political Hurdles Turned into Opportunity


The founders had difficulties securing big to mid-sized venue sponsors. A lot departed from their initial support due to fear and mistrust towards the art.

The freeflow and improvised nature of performance art is often misunderstood as “mischevious”, “uncontrollable”, and “unskilled”.
It is hence considered politically sensitive to public art organisations upon enactment of the National Security Law.


It became an opportunity for Per.Platform to become an independent curatorial project.

Florence noted: “It became a strength as we gained a lot of freedom in the curatorial aspect and were able to do experimental approaches more freely, though with much less support.”

4. Brand Development Timeline

Jan – August, 2021

The founders did an open call and recruited relevant and qualified artists for their first festival.
They attracted private donors to fund its operation.

They finalised artists’ art proposals through discussion and mentorship, and locked on performance sites in various art spaces and studios.

September, 2021 


Per.Platform launched their first 4-days live festival called “#1 Entropy: Arrow of Time” to allow artists to explore the concept of time.

December, 2022


Per.Platform launched their second 3-days live festival called Last Days of Chiron Retrograde, a theme of self-discovery, healing and exploration in the context of performance art.

July, 2022


Per.Platform hosted its 3rd 3-day festival at Tomorrow Maybe, Eaton Hong Kong from 22-24 July called “Fluidity and Impermanence” with guest performers from Japan.

5. The Future

Future: International Exchange, Artist in Residence, Workshops

Under Per.Platform, Florence has started her own art performance workshops to promote the brand and nurture more art performance talents.

Section 6: Appendix

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