1. About the brand

Mr n Mrs Moon: HK’s popular animated couple that’s 3D moons

Mr n Mrs Moon is a 3D animated figure series on IG, with a storyline that is based on the founding couples’ daily moments.

The artist believes the moon is especially mysterious for her. It accompanied her childhood whenever she looked out at night. She also related “moon face” to Middle Age times in Europe, where people painted human faces in their moon drawings.

The artist also said as she and her husband are a very introverted couple, they think moon can represent their loneliness and tranquility especially at night, but at the same time portraying their characters and daily stories in a light and fun way, like having belly, butt and double chins.

Mrs Moon is the designer and content creator for the IG, Mr Moon is responsible for the website and email enquiries.

They just did a collaboration with Mongkok’s shopping mall, T.O.P. during the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 with an exhibition and exclusive merchandise for sale.

  • Project Name

    Mr n Mrs Moon

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founded


  • Founders

    Anonymous artist

  • Products

    IG posts/stories, exclusive merch

Art & Design
Local Culture

2. About the founders

Mrs Moon

3D Artist, Founder

The Vision

To discover small and fun delights in our regular day-to-day

3. Challenges and opportunity

Full time job v.s. full time passion


Mrs Moon has a full time designer job. Therefore she often finds not enough time to use for balancing both job duties and her personal project.


She quitted her stable full time graphic designer job and became a full time animator to chase her dream.

4. Brand Development Timeline

Mr n Mrs Moon IG created

Collaborated with multiple commercial brands including T.O.P. shopping mall and SWIFTYHK
Developed own merch line and online stickers

5. The Future

More stories, more design

Mrs Moon hopes to expand the brand to become like Kakao Friends in Korea, and develop more characters as Mr n Mrs Moon’s friends.