1. About the brand

Grandma’s Scones: The Hong Kong way of British Scones


Grandma’s scones is a Hong Kong online bakery shop selling scones that are altered in taste, ingredients and texture compared to the traditional British ones.


Founder Evon wanted to challenge herself after working in the F&B industry for ten years. So she went to Le Cordon Bleu London to study for a patisserie diploma.

Her idea to start a new business didn’t come until 2019, where she wanted to do something positive to encourage people. She saw a market gap in Hong Kong for scones so she decided to start as an Instagram shop.


Her scones are altered to become less dry and more buttery, and has a crunchy crust on the outside. She also doesn’t use eggs.  She created many unique flavours, such as cinnamon apple, Hojicha, Poi, Baileys, Earl Grey etc. 

They have a new flavour every month.


Their business grew exponentially and was not affected by Covid, as they live entirely online. They also have more WFH customers due to that.

They have collaborated with Hong Kong Tramways to launch a set of Christmas limited scone editions in 2022.

  • Project Name

    Grandma's Scones

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Founded


  • Products

    Hong Kong version of the British scones

Local Culture

2. About the founders


Founder & Chef

The Vision

Bring joy and encouragement to Hong Kong people

Spreading positive energy via their slogan:
Life is like a box of (Grandma’s) scones


3. Challenges and opportunity

COVID outbreak


Covid has led the immense slowing down of the F&B industry


By relying entirely on IG shop, their business was not affected greatly

4. Brand Development Timeline

End of 2019
Grandma’s scones founded on IG

Business grew, sold over 5,000 scones in 3 months

Pop-up in K11

Pop-up in SOGO, Causewaybay

Collaborated with Hong Kong tramways to launch exclusive Christmas flavours

5. The Future

Continue to launch monthly new flavours