1. About the brand

Everyday Humans: Normalize vegan sunscreens as everyone’s daily skincare, from HK to the world

Everyday Humans is a cruelty-free, vegan, social and eco-conscious sunscreen brand founded in 2018.

Charlotte Pienarr, founder of Everyday Humans, wants to reshape the boring and narrow definition of sunscreen products.
Her personal experience also made her realise the importance of UV protection as a daily habit, hence through the brand she wishes to inspire everyone to make sunscreen a daily skincare routine.

The brand started with a few hero products of SPF 30 sunscreen serum.
Products are PETA certified, antioxidant-infused (no use of oxybenzone, octinoxate, PABA), a 1% for the Planet member, plastic neutral and climate neutral.
They stress their sunscreen can be applied as body cream while being able to function as a sunscreen.
They also work with organizations to ensure minimal waste during production, and purchase carbon credits to remove them from the atmosphere.

They recently launched their first skincare product, and entered 700-plus Target stores.
Currently, they are carried by Ulta Beauty, Free People, J.C. Penney, Urban Outfitters and Sephora in eight Asian countries.

  • Project Name

    Everyday Humans

  • Location


  • Founded


  • Founders

    Charlotte Pienarr

  • Products

    Sunscreen and skin care products


2. About the founders

Charlotte Pienarr

Founder & CEO

The Vision

Feel Good SPF for All Humans Outside

Charlotte believes that “Everyday Humans is for All #HumansOutside, inspiring people to go out”, infuse its UV protection and value to everyday and build a more inclusive, eco-friendly and conscious life.

3. Challenges and opportunity

Regulations & balancing


Registered regulations change often.

While being a conscious brand, they face challenge to balance innovation, cleanness and practicality. Consumers’ expectation towards having a 100% all-rounded brand is also hard to realise.


They continue to put a lot of effort to forecast, educate and innovate, and also continue to be authentic about what their products carry as a value and what they can do.

4. Brand Development Timeline

Everyday Humans is founded, previously named as “Everyday For Every Body”, entirely self-funded with no venture capital investment
Secured the necessary government approvals
Began as an online store
Invited to apply for Target Takeoff, the Target brand accelerator program to bring the brand to physical stores

Joined Target Zero
The brand started to become viral on TikTok
Successfully went from online to distributing on shelves of 700 Target Stores around the world
Sales grown by 300% since its launch, with sales online and in several retail chains around the world

5. The Future

Future: Diversify product range

After skincare, they will work on launching a post-sun product that targets sun-damage-related concerns.
They are also pushing into treating pigmentation.