About Us​


Indepage's Vision

New cultures and brands evolve everyday now. A trustful source to access and validate all sorts of blooming culture is on growing demand. Hence indepage is born believing that the world needs a more direct and all-arounded channel to search and access all the amazing ideas through impactful storytelling.

Borrowing the concept of wiki, we hope Indepage can serve as a search engine and encyclopedia for culture to Hong Kong then Asia, and everyone should be able to search and learn about local brands & culture anytime, anywhere.

Indepage's Founders

Grace Ho

Digital Marketing, Technology, UX/UI, Data & Finance

5+ years experience in digital marketing with special focus on performance marketing and data analytics. Worked for in-house Ecommerce and Marketing Agency.

Michelle Chan

PR & Marketing, Content & Creative

8+ years of experience in corp communications, events, project management, PR & cultural leadership, including being the PR & Communications Manager in a 4A agency and Hypebeast Limited.

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